miércoles, abril 07, 2010

Dos presentaciones de MALDITOS LATINOS. Ciudad de México y Washington DC

Jueves 15 de abril de 2010
Presentación de
Malditos latinos, malditos sudacas. Poesía iberoamericana made in USA
Participan: Rodrigo Castillo, Víctor Cabrera y José Molina
Casa Refugio Citlaltépetl, 19:30 hrs
Citlatépetl 25 casi esquina Amsterdam, Col. Condesa
Ciudad de México

Viernes 16 de abril de 2010
Whence Post-Latino Poetry? A Reading and Conversation
How does the current landscape of poetry reflect a global, digitized world whose amorphous borders and mobile subjects have destabilized identity politics and cultural practices based on nation-based constructs? This quandary is at the core of a reading and conversation with Rocío Cerón, Rodrigo Toscano, and Mónica de la Torre on the occasion of the publication of the polemical anthology Malditos latinos, malditos sudacas. Poesía hispanoamericana Made in U.S.A. by the Mexico City-based independent poetry press El Billar de Lucrecia. Featuring a new generation of Spanish-language poets writing in Spanish in the U.S., Mexican poets writing in English, and U.S.-born poets writing in Spanish, this anthology captures the shifting nature of bicultural practices on both sides of the border.
Mexican Cultural Instute, 18:30 pm
2829 16th Street, NW, Washington DC

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